Our People

A collaboration of industry veterans, National Tour was formed to bring resources, tools and consultation to event marketers everywhere. As a trusted partner to our clients, National Tour is a reliable resource that integrates seamlessly with your team - whether it’s a large scale virtual extension of your department or a small one off project.

Our Philosophy

Using metric driven tools and innovative resources in the hands of experts, National Tour drives mobile brand event marketing with pioneering measurable reach of the customers experience long after they've left your event.

Our Advantage

We have invested in developing technological resources that improve performance, increase accountability, and guarantee success for your promotion. Driving innovation in every facet of exhibition from design and fabrication to technology and transportation, National Tour looks for new ways to improve your program and increase your presence.


Johnny Capels

Since forming National Tour, Johnny Capels has led his company to become one of the Top 100 promotional agencies in the United States. As President of the firm, Mr. Capels’ primary role is to facilitate the company’s mission to produce the most profitable brand name and product recognition programs across the nation; deliver outstanding customer service; and maintain a “no excuses” work ethic.

Mr. Capels’ venture into the mobile-marketing promotions business grew from a passion for auto racing. His enthusiasm for the sport began during college breaks from the University of New Mexico, where he studied business.  During those vacations, Mr. Capels joined his father, who was the chief mechanic for race-car legend Al Unser on the Sprint Car and Indy Car circuits.  As a student of business, the Young Capels was captivated by the multimedia possibilities for sponsorship promotions and their potential to promote brand names and reinforce consumer awareness.  Eventually, his resume grew to include working relationships with some of auto racing’s most prominent team owners, drivers and sponsors.

In 1991, Mr. Capels left auto racing and joined a parallel production group that exposed him to the technical and mechanical demands of road-show promotions.  That career experience, coupled with his background in sponsorships, prepared Mr. Capels for the launch of his own event-marketing company.

Robin Miller

Robin brings more than 25 years of experience in accounting for various leading southern California industries.  Since 2005, Robin is an enrolled agent licensed by the US Treasury. Her current efforts focus on the accounting and the processes involved with continued growth at National Tour. Her previous experience at Dan Gurney’s All American Racers has allowed her to understand the intricacies and deadlines involved with on time, on budget disciplines in multi-faceted projects.

Shawn Smith

Shawn bring 15 years manufacturing experience to National Tour, on both the client and vendor side. Shawn has created a strong foundation in successful Manufacturing of Specialty exhibitory including warehousing solutions, inventory management, vehicle maintenance programs, and establishing high event execution standards. A dedicated team player, National Tour is proud to have Shawn as part of the Team.

  • Responsible for daily operations of Design and Manufacturing of Exhibit displays and Aluminum Frames for race team and specialty Trailers
  • Resolve equipment and event issues
  • Travel to multiple events throughout the year, overseeing installations and processes
  • Facilitate all client refurbishments in Manufacturing and Refurbishment
  • Quality Control Administrator